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Strategy and Guidance Work

A Voxer Day provides a ten-hour window of time to discuss your roadblocks and see where we can help you make some headway with actionable steps. These discussions can be high level conversations that can end up leading into some surprising and magical moments.  Unlike Zoom or Phone consultations, Voxer provides the ability to listen carefully and assess what is being said (through both text and voice messages) and provide more thoughtful discussion.  It is not a constant/immediate back and forth of conversation, but paced throughout the 10 hours of the day. 

What is voxer?

Voxer is an app for your phone (free accounts are available) that functions like a cross between a walkie talkie, text messaging and voice messaging app.  You can learn more by visiting the voxer website at the link below.

Why Voxer?

Unlike other ways of communicating over a long time period through a day, voxer allows you to go about your routines, take time for lunch or a meeting, without the pressure of the immediate response to a message.  Conversations take place at a steady and relaxed pace throughout the day. Time gaps between communications allow for better listening (there is replay capability) and a more considered response.  The ability to use both voice or text functions can be helpful as well, depending on what you are most comfortable with and what else you might have going on at that moment. Because there is an entire day of conversation, a wide range of topics can be covered with a lot less pressure than a timed phone call or zoom meeting.  If you are looking for a more concise and focused call with fast responses on a specific topic, we offer a Voxer Hour option for existing clients by request.

Have Questions?

Feel free to book a discovery call to see if a Voxer Day is right for what you need.  You can schedule a discovery call at the link below.


Ready to Schedule?

If you are ready to book your Voxer Day, you can view availability and book your day at the link below. BETA rate of $750 is currently available.