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Our goal for our blog/articles section is to share some of the knowledge we have learned over the years to help you find their footing in the digital space.  Because technology and opportunities are created constantly and changes happen so quickly, this also allows us to share new things as we find them. 

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One of my favorite time management tools ever is the Eisenhower Matrix. As a visual learner and list-maker, this great time management tool has helped me to eliminate the fluff and things on my to-do-list each week that are not either directly serving my clients or helping me grow and enhance my business.  You can use the printable page each week to organize your tasks OR you can copy a customized trello board that I created for workers like me who prefer to track things in the digital space! 

A Note from Susan: Although I have used this method for prioritization a lot over the years, I created the digital Trello Board only recently as a partner to this printable. It is now my go-to page for my TODO list every day. I LOVE moving things to 'COMPLETED' and can easily see everything I have accomplished each week/month along with what my plan is for the upcoming week.

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