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For small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Happy Spring!

We can help you with ...

New or Refreshed Website

A refresh to your existing design or a brand new website - approximately 5 standard pages. Our all inclusive fee includes hosting and domain registration for the first year, renewed at $245 annually.

Create your Annual Calendar

Never miss your deadlines. We'll help you create a custom timeline and task lists for a year. We help you set up tools on a platform of your choice to deep dive into your year and make sure your deadlines are met.

Your Marketing Punch List

Updates for your website, new email campaigns, rack cards or a new brochure - let us know! As much as we can accomplish in a one-day time slot. We work efficiently and effectively to complete your projects.

Branded Marketing Templates

A set of 72 branded templates to use to promote your business for use on web, social & print. Customized for your brand with logo, colors and your primary business or promotion offers for use on web, social, ads and more.

PLEASE NOTE: A 50% deposit ($925) is required at the time of booking with the balance due on the selected service date. A minimum lead time of 2 weeks is required for most projects to make sure that there is ample time to complete all preparatory work.

All 1-day services Include...

PLEASE NOTE: Not all projects can be completed in one day. If you have a larger project, our initial overview appointment should bring light to that kind of issue, but there are also times when we discover this in the middle of our work.  This will always be communicated with the client so that we can determine if an additional day or more is required.  Half-day scheduling options are also available to all existing clients.

When you book a 1-day service...

Your fee for our 1-Day Service is in payment for our time, professional expertise and dedicated work on your project which may or may not result in project deliverables. Our experience allows us to work efficiently and quickly so that we can successfully achieve our goals for our day together.

Our ability to accomplish any given project successfully often depends on our clients completing the indicated preparation work as well as prompt and effective communications on our intensive work date.  Please keep those things in mind as you move forward to maximize our time together.

Process & Timeline for 1-day Services

Schedule your date

Your date needs to be at least 2 weeks out from the time of booking and requires a 50% deposit.


Schedule kickoff call

Your project kickoff call should be about 3-5 days prior to your intensive 1-day service.


complete prep tasks

This is critical information required to complete the work for your project and needs to be in place at the time of our Kickoff Call.


Connect on Facebook

We will communicate in real time on Facebook Messenger on the day of the intensive (phones, text, email will all be turned off for the day).


Your 1-DAY Intensive

Be available throughout the day to answer any questions or provide information and input in real time. The payment balance is due by 3pm on the intensive service day.



Ask any questions for clarification, request small edits, receive guidance, 'how-to' materials, etc. as part of our post project support.


What our clients say...

Susan O'Handley, President

Small business owners and non-profit administrators are the busiest people I know.  You wear so many hats!  In any given day you might be involved with customer relations, human resources, budgets and inventory management, staff training, analyzing finances, product/program development, and more.  We all know that marketing is critical for business success, but for many small business owners it falls to the bottom of the list of priorities.  

If you’ve got a list of marketing objectives and goals that have been piling up because you don’t have time (because you are busy running your business/organization), then a 1-Day Intensive might be just the thing to help you get things done.  

  • Is your website in dire need of a design refresh? 
  • Do you have a punch list of marketing tasks you just haven’t been able to get to?  
  • Are you self publishing a book and finding it difficult to navigate through the KDP formatting process?

Imagine being able to cross these things off your list and ‘Get it Done in a Day’! These things don’t have to take weeks or even months to accomplish, but they do take time and expertise.  So relax, and focus on running your business. Let us do the heavy lifting for your marketing with dedicated, undivided, and focused attention for your project with a 1-Day Digital Marketing Service Intensive!  

A work/life biography about Susan O'Handley, Central NY Mobile Marketing.