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Message from the President

December 1, 2022

We’ve all heard the saying,  “find what you love and make a career out of it”.  

My two passions are the environment and technology – two completely different worlds, I know – but it is what it is!  I spent 20 years in the field of environmental education and administration, but having you and your spouse both working in the non-profit realm is difficult when you have a family to support, so in 2008 (right around the time of the market crash), I made the leap into working with the business community in my region and took a 3 year stint leading our local Chamber of Commerce as E.D.  I hated the politics that came with the position, but LOVED working with small business owners in helping them to understand digital marketing and finding the right tools to enable them to accomplish their goals.  

I decided to continue this work independently through a new small business and Central NY Mobile Marketing was formed. 

After many years working with non-profit budget mindsets and making every dollar count at least double, I was well versed in wearing all the hats of a small business owner with a DIY mentality.  I have honed skills that include website design, content development, integration of tech tools to make redundant, manual tasks easy, and planning all the things that needed to happen to make everything run smoothly.  Marketing was a big part of that planning – making sure to stay on a timeline with deadlines well in advance so that there was a foundation of information available to build on.

Now in year 12, I have worked with business owners throughout the US to support their digital marketing.  I have implemented email and text marketing campaigns, designed websites, developed custom web content and online processes. I have implemented press release promotions, created award-winning print newsletters, developed branded print and digital assets, social media content on all primary networks, enhanced SEO services and worked with Google products including Suite products, Ads and Maps.  

The bottom line is that I enjoy working with technology.  I have a love/hate attitude towards tech changes – but because these are constant, I am always learning.  There are times when I really appreciate the challenge of trying to figure out how to make tech tools do what I want them to and a great feeling of satisfaction when I’ve been successful.  

BUT – my passion for the environment is still a driving force for me.  I serve on the board of directors for our local Audubon Chapter, Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society. I stepped down as a co-President just recently after 11 years in order to pursue additional goals, but continue to be heavily involved.  I am a proud owner of an all Electric Vehicle and am in the final stages of shifting to a carbon-free household with the elimination of all fossil fuels (new solar panels , air-source heat pumps and induction/electric cooking).  I support Native Plants projects instead of lawns and have a special place in my heart for all things in the marine environments. 

As I head into launching our NEW 1-Day Intensive program this month, I will be starting a  special fund to donate 3% of my Intensive Day fees to non-profit organizations throughout the year.  For all Intensive dates that are booked for Quarter 1, 2023, this donation will be made to the Otsego County Conservation Association.   As I determine other organizations as the year progresses, I’ll post them on our Giving Back page here on this website.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!



Susan O’Handley

President and Small Business Owner
Central NY Mobile Marketing, Inc. (CNYMM)