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Mindset Work

Mindset and its Far-Reaching Impacts

Have you done mindset work?

Mindset work refers to the intentional practice of examining and shifting your beliefs and attitudes that shape how you perceive and respond to the world. In the past, I never really did this as a formal practice – I just always saw myself as a fairly positive person and that seemed to be enough. When I think of this now, it seems rather vague and general – and insufficient somehow. There seemed to be a shift – maybe caused by age, maybe from trying to stay informed about world events and politics, maybe from the repercussions of the pandemic and all the lives that were lost. I’m not really sure of the cause, but I was feeling like I could no longer think of myself as a person with a positive outlook. Instead, I was finding that my perspectives on everything were becoming much more … jaded?, worried?, angst-filled? … definitely nothing remotely resembling “positive”.

Late in 2021, our family decided to take on some major home retrofits in order to eliminate our dependencies on fossil fuels. We simply couldn’t afford them. We had already switched out our car to a battery electric vehicle, but changing out our heating system was an entirely different ballgame. We ended up installing solar along with air source heat pumps. I’m glad we made the decision as it started a process for growth – both personally and professionally. I think part of it was just making the decision to take action (and taking control of our future as a result).

In the fall of 2022, I made the decision to begin to shift my business model and focus on 1-Day Intensive Services. 2023 will be my transition year where I am continuing to work in the old model (services on demand/retainer work/all the little things where very little focus has been on my own business) – to the new model. I’ve learned so much in 12 years in business, but never focused on finding the time to promote myself and ways I can help the small business owner or non-profit administrator. My own marketing has been mostly word of mouth for which I’m grateful – and most of my clients are still with me, tried and true. But – my own work and flexibility for my personal time has always come last – something I’m sure a lot of business owners face. I have come to the realization that it has to be a priority in my life. In order for me to do the things that bring me joy, I had to change things up (kind of the Marie Kondo for business thinking).

I’ve been investing in some professional development opportunities over the last 6-8 months and have come away with some pretty great takeaways – but I think one of the most important of them has been in the area of mindset work (a bit circuitous, but yes, back to the point of this post!). Taking the time to focus on the things that make us feel great; enjoying our relationships with family, clients, other professionals, our peers and our communities; emphasizing the ways in which we all contribute, share and support each other; and finding that there are no limits to what we can potentially accomplish individually, for our businesses and in our circles and groups. I think there is far too much judgement and criticism out there – particularly in digital spaces. I have very intentionally made the decision to not be part of that, but to instead become a ‘booster’.

There are still things that happen that are inconceivable and horrendous, and people who contribute to that, but I don’t have to allow those things to influence my outlook or my daily life. I can choose every day to help prop up the things that are good, and take my own small actions to make a difference to improve things, be helpful, supportive and kind. Control the things you can.

If you HAVEN’T done mindset work, and you feel like it could help you get back to a place of positivity, I highly recommend it. I’m attaching a few resources below in case you would like to learn more. If you HAVE experience with mindset work, I’d love to hear your comments, so please feel free to share.

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