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Digital Marketing

Self Assessment Workbook

If you want to do a self assessment of your digital marketing and discover the gaps...

For all new subscribers to Tech Talks and my email newsletter (Bits & Bytes), I’m offering my NEW digital marketing self-assessment workbook for $17 (regular price is $47). This is a resource to help you find where you might be missing important pieces in your digital marketing strategy and learn where it makes sense to focus your efforts. This offer is only available on this page.

This 11 page printable workbook contains simple questions to help you assess 7 areas of digital marketing. I’ve also included guidance on four of my favorite tips that all businesses should keep in mind.  This is a resource that complements a webinar presentation, “An Overview of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses” that I have conducted locally for small business owners over the last decade. 

This product is available for  download for your own use.  You may not share or reproduce for use by others.  Purchase implies acceptance of terms linked here